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How To Remove Footer Credit In Blogger 2020 | Full Tutorial

Hello everyone, are you looking for a solution that how to Remove footer Credit, then you are at the right place because today I'll tell you that how you'll Remove Footer Credit in your Blogger.

Whenever you'll download a free theme and apply it in your blogger, then you'll get your copyright Footer Credit. Most of the people try to remove the links in their HTML tag of the site where ever they download their theme. But, the footer credit has not changed and other then this, they will redirect to another site. 

How To Remove Footer Credit In Blogger 2020 | Full Tutorial

The processor you'll say the trick to remove footer credit, that I'll tell you today will work on any Blogger theme. No, matters where you'll download the theme or where the site it'll be. 

You can also remove the footer credit if you are using the template downloaded from Sora Templates, Templates Yard, or from any other sites.

Below I'll tell you to step by step that how you'll change or Remove Footer Credit from your Blogger Themes. The trick or process that I'll tell you today will nobody told you before. But before than this, If you love reading articles regarding technology, blogging, or smartphone, then you can subscribe to us to get updated through this website. 

Ok, so now I'll tell you how to remove footer credit in your blogger template. I'll tell you to step by step, please follow my instructions carefully, otherwise, you weren't able to change your footer credit.

STEP 1: Open your blogger's dashboard and go to the themes section and open the 'Edit HTML' button.

STEP 2: Now click 'Ctrl + F' and search bar will appear.

STEP 3: Now search 'created by' or 'copyright' or 'designed by'.

STEP 4: When you'll find the term 'copyright' or 'created by' or 'designed by' term, then the main part had come. I'll give you the code below, you'll download it from the below-mentioned button.

STEP 5: There will be the coding where you had made some changes. The first change was you had to write your website URL and after that your website name. You can take a look in the below picture to get yourself more clear.
How To Remove Footer Credit In Blogger 2020 | Full Tutorial

STEP 6: When you have done all your changes, then you had to paste this coding above the copyright.

STEP 7: After that, this saves your HTML and you had your copyright. 
How To Remove Footer Credit In Blogger 2020 | Full Tutorial

You'll get your coding by clicking below:


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