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Xiaomi: Dream Gaming Monitor has been launched | Specification

Xiaomi: Dream Gaming Monitor has been launched | Specification, Features and all

So the time has come, everyone's favorite thing we were eagerly waiting for. Xiaomi has finally launched its first gaming monitor. The 27-inch monitor brings support of TUV low blue light and comes with a refresh rate of 165Hz. Yes, the monitor has launched in China, but we'll see the latest Xiaomi Gaming monitor in India at the time of June and July. The price of this gaming monitor is CNY 2,199 (roughly Rs. 23,500) in China. This monitor will go for crowdfunding very soon and it has a 1ms IMBC fast response time. 
Now let's talk more about Xiaomi's gaming monitor

Xiaomi: Dream Gaming Monitor has been launched | Specification

Xiaomi's New Gaming Monitor Comes With Refresh Rate Of 165Hz

The new Xiaomi's Gaming Monitor comes with a refresh rate of 165Hz. It was equipped with a resolution of  2560×1440 pixels and an IPS panel. The set of interfaces includes DisplayPort and HDMI ports, USB 3.0, and includes DisplayPort and HDMI ports, a jack for 3.5 mm headphones, and USB 3.0. The monitor comes with a 3-year warranty. The monitor comes with a 3-year warranty.  In this monitor, there are 2 variants, the one is 27 inch and the other variant is 34 inches with a version of 4K variant, yes this variant is quite expensive. This will possible that you may see some more variants of this gaming monitor.

The other variants of this phone are more likely seen in the period of October-November. As Xiaomi had plans for 27-inch ordinary monitors, 23.8-inch gaming monitors, and 27-inch gaming
monitors. However, the launch time is yet to be determined.

Features of Xiaomi Gaming Monitor

As you all know that the latest gaming monitor of Xiaomi has a refresh rate of 165Hz and an IPS panel with screen size 25 inch (2560×1440) which makes it a true gaming monitor. Other than this, it offers dynamic display enhancement with 1ms IMBC fast response time for the best gaming experience. 
Xiaomi: Dream Gaming Monitor has been launched | Specification

It has Adaptive-Sync technology. Also now the best part has come, for your prolonged gaming sessions, it gives you TUV low blue light for less eye strain. I think that's enough for your true and best gaming experience.


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